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Life can be strange,
and unbelievable,
and Outrageous!
You can't make this stuff up!

Are you ready for a bizarre, but thought provoking journey into the past?

Join journalist Ernest Granson as he interviews authors and historians from around the world about history’s most outrageous characters and events.

You’ll raise your eyebrows at the exploits of the preposterous George IV and wild life of King Ludvig II of Bavaria – but you will also marvel at the beauty and bravery of model and war correspondent Lee Miller.

Your tour guides into a quirky past

Meet Our Authors​

We feel very privileged to have access to our contributors, who join us from all over the world. Not only are they highly qualified historians, writers, authors and journalists, they are also passionate about the events and individuals about whom they’ve researched and chronicled. And, they love to tell their stories, each one as amazing as the next. And you’ll love hearing from them!


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From Hitler’s Bathtub to Oscar’s Wilde Times

An Intriguing Cast of Characters

You’ll be amazed at the antics and adventures of history’s most interesting people and times.


Author: Stephen Kinzer

The Deadliest Chemist

Poisoner In Chief: Sidney Gottlieb and The CIA Search for Mind Control


Author: Andrew Graham-Dixon

Rabble Rouser, Criminal, Misunderstood Artist?

Caravaggio: A Life Sacred and Profane


Author: Heather Marcovitch

The Importance of Being Oscar (Wilde)

The Art of the Pose; Oscar Wilde's Performance Theory


Author: Carolyn Burke

From Vogue Model to Hitler’s Bathtub

Lee Miller: A Life


Author: Arthur Milnes

Searching for Dief

Art's History. Today in Canada’s Political History: John Diefenbaker Becomes Leader of the Saskatchewan Conservatives

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