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    Ernest Granson

    During the Cold War, which emerged following the Second World War, Western politicians and military authorities feared their military capacities were being eclipsed by the Soviet Union. Do you feel that these circumstances justified the creation of agencies such as the MK-Ultra which exploited thousands of individuals around the world?


    There can be no justification for what Sydney Gottlieb did while he was in charge of MK-ULTRA. Furthermore, there’s no justification for most of the activities of the CIA during that time, and afterwards. Surely, intelligent people in charge, in both the Western countries and the Soviet Union, should not have allowed their fears to escalate to the point where they tortured or terrified innocent people.


    It’s easy to say that from our point of view. But you might want to consider the fact that the world had just come through a two devastating wars and it was known that the Soviets were developing nuclear weapons. Also, the U.S. knew what type of weapons or threats it was capable of developing. It would be understandable that either side would be wondering what the other side was up to. In the minds of those people, almost anything was justified.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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