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Get to know our authors!

Below, we’ve provided brief bios of the historians, authors and writers that we’ve interviewed for our podcasts. Click onto the author’s name in the left hand column to bring up the author bio. Please note the additional link at the bottom of each bio directing you to our Member’s Lounge where you can find much more information about authors, including not only published books and articles, along with past accomplishments but also current projects and activities such as book tours and even historical tours.

Michael Broers

Napoleon - the film. When history and entertainment clash.

Ben Lewis

da Vinci's Salvator Mundi - The Bargain of the Millenium

David Greenberg

The Evolution of Spin

Dr. Tim Flight

We are the real monsters!

Hans Luijten

The van Gogh You Never Knew

Abraham Josephine Reisman

The Ambiguity of Stan Lee
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